New Workshop by Klintphoto

“Master Classes in Nature Photography”

The Magic of Light

– from concept to finished photographic art by mastering light and consciously creating compositions.

It’s not very technically challenging today to take a photograph. But to createphotographic art is much more difficult. To create photographic art, you need to make a number of conscious choices and consider several factors before you finally have a piece of art in your hand.

In this Mastery Class, you will learn how to “think” in pictures and messages. By “seeing” light and creating conscious compositions, you will become a better, more creative photographer. If you are more interested in complex photography techniques, this course is probably not for you. We will cover some photography techniques; however, the focus of our time together will be on your pictures and your creative process.

This course is for you if you are passionate about nature photography and want to take the next step in your photographic development.

You will improve your photography skills by:

learning about the different qualities of light,
understanding how light contributes to composition;
becoming aware of how  light can be used to convey atmosphere and messages
learning how the viewpoint and the orientation can be used to strengthen your message

During this workshop, we will take photographs during early mornings and late afternoons. You will have the opportunity to create new photographs in dramatic light, in softer and more fine-tuned light, and in tougher conditions, weather permitting.

We will alternate between theory and practice, lectures and photographic excursions. Blocks of time will be devoted to discussion about your and the other participant’s photographs. I will also take the opportunity to talk a little about the behavior of the birds and animals we will be photographing. I believe that basic knowledge about the subjects and animals you are photographing will increase your opportunities to create the pictures YOU have in your mind.

You will leave the Mastery Class knowing how to create Photographs with a Message. And, you will be inspired to continue your photographic journey, feeling that you have developed as a photographer and increased your creativity.


  • the magic of light
  • the qualities of light
  • how to use light in conscious compositions
  • how light can be used to mediate atmosphere and messages
  • how to communicate with light


Weekend Course 25 – 27 April, Gallery Blå Porten, Öland
Time: Friday 19.00 – Sunday 14.00
Number of participants: maximum 10
Price: 4400 SEK (495  EU)

What’s included: Living in double (shared) room at Gallery Blå Porten with full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

After registering, we’ll send you practical information like road maps and alternative routes to get you to the Gallery

For inquiries and for registration, please contact me at or call me at + 46 (0) 730-490402.


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